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FIH, AKA  "La Brea Baby," is an emcee/songwriter for Los Angeles. FIH's musical journey started back in New York while studying at NYU. Developing her unique sound she made her move back to Los Angeles. Linking up with Chailatay she began the creation of her debut album self titled, "La Brea Baby' This album is her most honest work yet. "La Brea Baby" take listeners through the stops and intersections of FIH's life, just like the vast road of LA Brea Ave itself. This project was a way for FIH to use her voice to speak for those who feel unheard, they are not alone. This is for all the roses growing from the concrete. 

There is much appreciation to everyone that help bring this project to life. From the musicians, production and everyone on the back end. You have my heart. Thank you!  
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